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“India’s No. 1 DMIT Company”

  • Phone - 9026523736
  • Email - connect@tyb10x.com
Psychometric Test

Psychometric Test is a  standardized procedure to measure sensitivity, memory, intelligence, aptitude, and personality. Here, Psycho stands for  Mind & Metric stands for Measure.


Identify personality traits

Identify interpersonal skills, personality attributes

Aims to provide devising career progression with the right guidance and counseling

Analytical and creative ability

Types of Psychometric Test

Aptitude Test

This test supports to assess the skills, talents, and abilities of an individual across several domains.

Personality Test

A test to explore and understand the individual’s socioemotional characteristics.

IQ Test

Intelligence Quotient is an assessment of cognitive development with respect to the development age.

Interest Test

Interest Inventory analyses the aspects and fields that provide long term satisfaction to the person.

Who Can Take This Test?


Knowing the traits and trajectory of students and faculty is important to plan the visions and resources.

Working Professionals

Selecting the right field and getting success in it while balancing the personal life becomes easier.


Recruiting right and managing mindfully is what every office can benefit from, after all it is teamwork.

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